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Dr. Ashok Yakkaldevi

M. A., Ph. D. (SET)

Dear Researchers,

I Ashok Yakkaldevi,associated with Laxmi Book Publication,Launching "LBP ASSOCIATED PROFESSOR’S PROFILES." So I request all researchers who published papers with us.Please submit your academic profile and all research and academic activities. We are happy to say that we create your own web page,you can add,edit or remove , your articles,Ph.D. Thesis,ResearchProjects,Books your resume,as well as our publication share with you important activities,we send you all academic and research news.

You will get your own login id and password,you can always update your profile , Once a profile has been created by the department administrator, it can be edited by the LBP or other staff or faculty as requested by that administrator. User profiles are a new feature in Release 2 of the website. They provide a more public and customizable way for you to highlight your presence providing the ability to share your activities and interests with others.Profiles also allow you to create and upload work to attach to the profile. In the future, other features and content types will be tied to your user profile.

The list of fields on the profile editor are :

Biography :-

A brief biographical statement (no longer than 150 words). ). For more details about your educational background and work, use the Resume and Portfolio sections.

Profile image :-

A JPEG, GIF or PNG image file not larger than 8MB in size. Once uploaded, a cropping tool will be displayed to allow you to select a portion of the image to use as your user profile.

Resume :-

A PDF document no larger than 8MB in size showcasing your professional and/or educational background in detail.

Portfolio :-

A PDF document no larger than 8MB in size. You can use this to showcase all your creative accomplishments in detail. Phone number (Faculty and staff only). Faculty and staff have the option to list their phone number and local extension (if applicable).

Links and Networks :-

Links are a list of URLs to sites of interest to you which you think would be of general interest to others. Networks are a list of URLs to sites about you which are apart of your personal and/or professional network (e.g. your LinkedIn profile).

Courses (Students only) :-

If you wish to show a list of some or all of the courses you have been enrolled in, you can select them for display from the list provided. The courses you select from the list will be displayed on your profile page and linked to the corresponding course description page.

Web activity :-

This Web Activity section allows you to aggregate your activity updates from other sites you may be a member of (e.g. Twitter, Delicious). The Emily Carr site will regularly poll these other sites and bring in recent updates for display on your profile page under your "Web Activity" section. If your specific site is not listed (e.g. an external blog you maintain), you should be able to find an "RSS feed" for the site and enter that in the Feed Settings area. Please note: it may take up to 15 minutes for your activity to be displayed.

Interests :-

A comma separated list of words or "tags" describing some of your interests. The site will use these terms to link to other related work/people that share these terms.

Publishing Options :-

Your profile is public by default, but you can make it not public so that only you see your profile, and no one else. You can use this option to temporarily disable your profile, or hide it until you are ready to display it publicly.

Privacy Settings :-

For student and guest accounts, e-mail visibility is set to "Not visible" by default which will prevent your e-mail address from being displayed on your profile. You can change this setting to have it displayed to everyone, or only to those who are logged in to the site (other Emily Carr staff, faculty, and students). For academic staff promoted to this grade through the Education and Research job family, this role profile builds on the level of competence and responsibility required Professorship. A Professor is expected to exercise a special responsibility in providing leadership and in fostering excellence in research and scholarship, learning and teaching, service to and leadership of the discipline, community and/or industry, and service to and leadership of the University.