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Jobs & Opportunities for Retired Faculties

Teaching can provide a rewarding career experience for those who enjoy educating young minds. Most teachers, though, opt to leave the classroom once they reach retirement age. At age 65, many teachers can retire with full pension benefits. Many educators, however, choose to continue working after they have retired from teaching careers. Some seek ways to continue shaping young minds. Others simply want to supplement their retirement income. Retired teachers have options for meeting their post-retirement job needs.

Retired teachers, whose experiences in the classroom provide a wealth of knowledge, are well-suited to tutoring. As in their previous career, tutoring allows former teachers to continue to teach but without the large number of pupils that full-time teaching requires. Tutors have the option of partnering with a tutoring business or advertising themselves as private tutors for hire. In addition, tutoring allows the former teacher the freedom to set her own hours and pay scale. More than 10,000 workers are retiring every day. Among those will be a large percentage of teachers. If you’re a recently retired teacher (or you're soon to retire), traditional post-retirement job options will be increasingly limited.

In the past, many retired teachers could count on landing jobs in industry as technical instructors, technical writers, or general administrative staff. But those jobs are disappearing due to the bad economy. Companies are simply assigning those jobs to existing staff or promoting clerical workers from within to fill in as instructors or administrative staff.

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Adjunct Professor :-

Retirees with backgrounds in certain fields often can land teaching positions with local community colleges. These colleges often seek part-time teachers for positions as adjunct professors, instructors, lecturers and visiting professors. By investigating the types of courses available at local colleges and by making it known that you can teach those courses as well as some not currently offered, you may be able to land a position with the school. These positions can pay from $1,000 to $5,000 per class for a semester. In most cases, retired teachers must possess a master’s degree to qualify for teaching positions at a college or university. In some instances, though, colleges may hire a retired teacher with only a Bachelor’s degree if that individual has a strong background in a certain field.

Part-Time School Jobs :-

Although a teacher may be officially retired, that individual still has an opportunity to continue working in the field. Because most pension plans allow retired teachers to work part-time in the public sector, many retired teachers opt for part-time jobs as teachers and school support staff. Retired teachers have connections to the school districts and principals that once employed them, and those connections can open doors. Retired teachers may be able to work as classroom aides and part-time office staff. Retired teachers also can work as substitute teachers, but they must be careful to limit their earnings and work hours to avoid violating the terms of pension agreements.


Retired teachers possess all of the skills needed to serve as tutors. Therefore, tutoring jobs suit retired teachers well, and a steady stream of tutoring jobs are available these days as schools and students prepare for important tests used to measure progress and the success of schools and teachers in educating youth. Retirees have the option of working for themselves and often can utilize connections with the schools where they once taught to promote their tutoring businesses. Schools and teachers provide parents with tutor referrals that can open doors for retired teachers looking for tutoring clients. Today, many test prep companies offer tutoring services, and teachers can land jobs with these tutoring companies, which normally pay hourly wages and allow retirees to work as often or as infrequently as they wish. Some websites, such as, also offer tutoring opportunities. The pay for tutors ranges from about $10 per hour to as much as $60 per hour.

Potential Income Restrictions :-

Teachers who retire after lengthy careers generally earn pensions from the states where they taught. In most cases, their pensions are subject to certain restrictions. For example, retired teachers in Massachusetts, California and New York who return to public-sector jobs are limited in the number of hours they can work and the amount of earnings they can receive. The time limit restriction in Massachusetts is 960 hours in a calendar year. This equals about 18 hours per week. The earnings limitation in Massachusetts is equal to the difference between a teacher’s pension earnings and the salary the individual earned immediately before retiring. For example, an employee who earned $70,000 in his last year of teaching and who earns $30,000 in pension benefits could work after retirement and earn up to $40,000 per year. These pension restrictions do not affect retirees who choose to work in the private sector. Therefore, individuals who wish to work full-time jobs often opt for private-sector employment.

Teacher Certification Programs :-

Alternative certification programs for teachers are available in every state, and many of the professionals who work for these organizations were once teachers themselves. Retired teachers remember what it's like to be a new teacher-in-training and can provide the mentoring that aspiring teachers need, such as choosing a certification area and grade level, what to expect on certification exams and choosing a school district.

Consulting :-

A retired teacher-cum-consultant is an asset to individuals and educational organizations. Former teachers can work independently to consult on building new schools, starting new programs and even hiring new teachers. School districts and other educational programs as well as private families who need help choosing a school hire independent consultants with a proven track record in education.

Private Enterprise:-

Retirement is an opportunity to explore a hobby and turn it into a business, such as selling a craft online. Educators have experience organizing a classroom and students (not too far removed from a small business), and the retirement benefits teachers often receive can provide some capital to get a business started.

Travel and Teach:-

Retirement often encompasses travel, but for the former teacher, travel can turn into a money-making adventure. Cooperative educational programs in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world are looking for strong candidates to teach English. Because most of these programs do not require the teacher to speak a foreign language, it's ideal for the retired educator who wants to see another part of the world and still teach but does not speak the local language.

Tutoring :-

Retired teachers can personally teach students or set up a teaching center of their own. Their reputation of being a good teacher will help them attract more and more students for their course. Online tutoring is also becoming a popular job among retired teachers these days. Teachers can join universities as part-time visiting faculty teachers.

Business Consultant :-

Retired teachers can work as business consultants in the private sector. These business consultants give quality advice on business development, adopting various business strategies, managing and raising funds, employee management and client satisfaction. Though this can be one of the best paying jobs for them, it would definitely be a bit stressful. Business consultant jobs are available in plenty of sectors such as information technology, banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals and automobiles. So, my advice would be to think of the stress factor before you commit to any company.

Research Jobs :-

Experience in teaching can prove to be extremely handy to apply for research positions. You can work as a senior researcher in laboratories and research and development (R&D) departments of well-known companies. Since teachers have an in-depth knowledge of their subject, they can be an asset to the research team of an organization. If you have a doctorate in your subject, then the chances of getting hired as a researcher will be much more.

Career Counselor Jobs :-

Ex-teachers can be excellent career counselors since they have been in academic or education field for a long time. Teachers are well aware of what qualities are essential to make it big in a particular field. With the help of career tests and proper guidance, they will be able to give the student's career a good direction. Courses in career counseling are essential in many regions to work as a career counselor. Apart from self employment, opportunities exist in educational institutions also.

Tips for Choosing a Job :-

  • As far as possible, search for a job which will suit your experience and qualifications so that you can use your knowledge to the fullest and do well
  • Be very sure whether you want a part-time or a full-time job
  • Apply to the best employers in your field as the chances of getting a job are high because you will get an edge over freshmen and less experienced candidates because of your past track record
  • Prepare a systematic resume with your personal and professional details
  • Look for jobs with flexible working hours and those involving less traveling for a better quality of life at your age
  • Negotiate the salary with your employer and try to get the best deal by making the most of your experience